Iconic Beyoncé Dance Moves

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A gentle reminder that the race card doesn’t exist. There never was a ‘card’ and never will be. Stop reducing racial disparities to a fucking game and don’t ever park your bigoted opinion in to my ask box :) :) :)

Anonymous : And yet another one pulling out the race card. So predictable.

Go ahead keep on chatting shit in my asks about the ‘race card’ lmao, I’m kindly asking you to read my post again and attempt to understand what I said. I’m asking for more women of colour to be valued and successfully included in mainstream feminism. Usually, I don’t spell it out like this, but I can sense some desperation for enlightenment so there you are. Next time come off anonymous so you can privately voice your discontent and allow me to take you seriously.

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If the history of British rule in India is to be condensed into a single fact, it is this: there was no increase in India’s per capita income from 1757 to 1947.

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a great year

Best year for music tbh.

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